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Interim Manager for Digital Transformation

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Klaus Schmücker

As a seasoned interim manager specializing in digitalization, transformation, and the cultivation of innovative business models, I am poised to elevate your company to the forefront of digital development.


Boasting over 15 years of hands-on experience as a transformation manager and digital strategist across diverse industries and global giants like Amazon Web Services, Bosch, and E.ON, I bring a proven record of steering organizations through digitalization with a blend of strategic foresight and operational excellence. I am eager to collaborate, shaping the trajectory toward sustainable success together.

Your challenge

Swiftly capitalizing on the critical benefits of digitalization is paramount for your company's future success and growth. Common challenges include:

  • Digital leadership - scarcity of digital managers in the company​

  • Digital business experience - successfully crafting and scaling business models in the digital realm​​

  • Transformation experience - knowing and mastering potential, hurdles and feasibility

  • Interdisciplinarity - effectively combining business and IT skills

  • Tailor-made digital strategy - focusing on digitization in areas where the greatest advantage can be realized



Discover how I can propel your company forward in the digital realm. Reach out now for an informal discussion on potential and possibilities – no obligations.


Developing a

digital strategy

Identify the pivotal digitalization opportunities within the company and actualize them through a focused digital strategy and a well-defined transformation roadmap.

Focal points

- Assess digitalization potential - Enhance resilience in business model, organization, and operations - Define digital strategy, vision, goals, and transformation roadmap - Introduce organizational model, governance, and performance metrics - Identify and cultivate essential digital skills - Ensure the future viability of technological infrastructure - Explore the potential of digital technologies (e.g., AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud) - Evaluate partnerships, venturing, and digital ecosystems - Formulate data strategy - Develop security and data protection concepts - Prioritize value-centric digitalization


Unlock new competitive advantages, such as increased process efficiency, innovation, quality, reduced time to market, enhanced flexibility, and elevated customer satisfaction. Implement a clear and focused strategy to drive organizational progress and maintain a strategic emphasis.




Generate momentum within the organization and spearhead the change to swiftly realize the desired outcomes of the digitalization initiative.

Focal points

- Facilitate the organization in embracing the digital vision and objectives - Construct or optimize the digital organization/business area and seamlessly integrate it with the existing structure - Implement governance structures and establish a digital profit and loss (P&L) framework - Cultivate targeted digital skills development for employees - Systematically digitize and automate processes - Provide digital enablement for various organizational units - Lead change management initiatives for organizational and cultural development - Introduce agile working methods and seamlessly integrate them into existing processes - Elevate customer interaction and experience to the next digital level - Establish and develop a Company Builder framework


Maintain a roadmap with clear priorities and make success measurable. Inspire employees and involve them in the change process. Minimize resistance.



digital business

Integrate digital services/products, or develop new models, and expand through digital marketing channels for accelerated growth.

Focal points

- Define product strategy and positioning - Innovate by creating digital services and IoT-connected products - Establish new business models - Foster agility and optimize the product development organization - Design effective go-to-market strategies and scale operations - Implement digital customer loyalty and personalization initiatives - Drive growth through corporate venturing, M&A, and PMI - Cultivate partnerships and ecosystems - Leverage data for informed business decisions - Develop a compelling value proposition using methodologies like Google Design Sprints and Amazon Working Backwards


Unleash untapped business potential, expedite growth, and effectively introduce and scale innovations in the market.

Target groups

Medium sized companies

Pinpoint the pivotal digital value drivers tailored to your company and execute them strategically. Prioritize value-oriented digitalization to secure novel competitive advantages with a mindful approach to cost-effectiveness.


Mobilizing a sizable organization for transformation demands a well-defined vision and strategy to foster focus and progress within a dynamic and intricate environment. Drawing from my experience in various global corporations, I excel in efficiently implementing changes in complex organizational structures.

Private Equity &

Portfolio Companies

Attain ambitious goals swiftly by employing targeted digitalization measures. Utilizing the value-oriented digitalization approach, identify and implement key drivers tailored to specific objectives within a structured digitalization roadmap.

Startups &

Digital Natives

Scale digital business models and architect essential structures. Leveraging methodologies and insights from Big Tech and corporate venturing, I craft effective go-to-market and scaling strategies, providing operational excellence support to fast-growing companies.

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Your advantages

Benefit from the expertise of an experienced digital specialist

  • Beyond consulting - I bring hands-on expertise in practical transformation and business leadership across multiple companies​

  • Practically tested - comprehensive experience of the pitfalls and shortcuts of digital transformation

  • I create values that remain - I collaborate with and lead internal teams. When my mandate ends, functioning structures will remain

  • Cross-industry - universal digital understanding and diverse industry experience

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In my over 15 years of managerial experience across diverse roles in international companies, my primary focus lies in developing digital strategies and spearheading the design and implementation of digitalization initiatives. I've cultivated extensive expertise in three key areas:



Digital Strategy

New competitive

advantages in the core business


Growth Drivers

1. Determine the crucial digitalization potential in the company and realize it with a targeted digital strategy and transformation roadmap

2. Digitalization of the traditional core business (e.g. through process digitalization, data analysis, modernization of customer interaction, etc.) to develop new competitive advantages and strengthen resilience

3. Building and scaling new growth drivers, be it through developing connected products and digital services, scaling innovative business models or building an entire digital business area

Get in touch now to find out how your company can benefit from my experiences in a non-binding conversation.

Experiences and references






Bosch & Siemens Home Appliances, Bosch

Connected Products

Challenge: Digital transformation from hardware manufacturer to provider of networked products and digital services

Activity: Developing the digital strategy and transformation roadmap, building digital business models and go-to-market, product & service strategy, developing a digital ecosystem


  • Systemic leadership coach certified by Dietz Coaching (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching DBVC, International Organization for Business Coaching IOBC)

  • Schranner Qualified Negotiator

  • Google Cloud Digital Leader

  • Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner

  • Scrum Product Owner

  • Scrum Master


Cross-industry digital experience

  • Digitale Services & Connected Products (IoT)

  • IT, Internet, Big Tech

  • Consumer Goods

  • Household Appliances, Electronics, Metal Working Industry, Consumer Electronics

  • Logistics & Transport

  • Energy

  • Startups, Digital Natives


Experienced in global collaboration

  • Europe, EMEA

  • USA

  • China

  • India

  • Turkey

  • Singapore



Ensuring digital transformation initiatives generate clear business value. The focus is on using digital technologies in a targeted manner to create sustainable benefits for the company. Examples: increased efficiency, time to market, customer orientation, risk reduction, flexibility, robustness

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