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Interim Management

Digital Transformation

As an experienced interim manager with a focus on digitalization, transformation and innovative business models, I support you in taking your company to the next level of digital development. With over 15 years in global companies such as Amazon Web Services, Bosch and E.ON, I have a solid track record as a transformation leader.


Coaching & Sparring

As a personal sparring partner and certified coach, I support you in demanding change and decision-making situations as well as in your personal development and self-management. With over 15 years of experience in leading transformation processes I support you in successfully designing changes and implementing them effectively.



Find out in a personal conversation how I can use my experience to support you with your concerns and gain further insight into my references.


Drawing upon over 15 years of dedicated expertise as a transformation manager and digital strategist, I have successfully spearheaded and navigated numerous transformative journeys in renowned international enterprises including Amazon Web Services, Bosch, and E.ON. Across diverse industries, I have cultivated a profound understanding of digital landscapes, channeling my efforts into three primary focal points:



Digital Strategy


New competitive

advantages in the core business


Growth Drivers

1. Uncover the pivotal digitalization prospects within the company and actualize them through a precisely tailored digital strategy and transformation roadmap.


2. Drive the digitalization of the traditional core business by implementing strategies such as process digitalization, data analysis, and modernizing customer interactions. This approach aims to forge novel competitive advantages and fortify the organization's resilience.


3. Foster the creation and expansion of new growth drivers, whether by crafting connected products and digital services, scaling innovative business models, or establishing an entire digital business domain.

The primary hurdles in ensuring successful change processes extend beyond mere technological or procedural aspects; they reside within the internal resources and obstacles faced by those involved. Recognizing this, an emotionally intelligent approach becomes pivotal for the triumph of transformations. Leveraging my certification as a systemic coach, I guide clients, teams, and organizations in cultivating awareness around motivations and resistance, ultimately fostering sustainable effectiveness. My coaching and sparring partner focus encompasses:

1. Lead changes effectively - In change processes, I am available as an experienced sparring partner to overcome complex human and professional challenges. I help you find answers, create authentic motivation and face resistance.


2. Navigate effectiveness in decisions and difficult situations - In intricate situations and conflicts, it is crucial to make decisions considering both your own motivations and barriers, as well as those of others involved. This broadens the range of responses for efficient problem-solving. As a coach, I enhance your clarity regarding your influence and cultivate solutions to elevate your leadership effectiveness even further.


3. Self-leadership & your own goals - Clarity about your personality, goals and the meaning of your actions influences your presence, your decisions and their implementation. As a sparring partner, I support you in recognizing behavioral patterns, clarifying ambitions, overcoming obstacles and developing a clear path to your goals.


Klaus Schmücker Interim Manager and Coach

Amazon Web Services

Senior Advisor Strategic Partner Transformation & Growth

Executing collaboration agreements with strategic partners to establish and expand digital business models necessitating a transformative shift within the partner company (yielding an incremental sales volume exceeding USD 100 million). Formulating growth strategies, orchestrating go-to-market plans, and overseeing the scaling and execution of the transformation in collaboration with the partner company's management team.

E.ON Energie AG

Senior Manager
Corporate Strategy / M&A

Steering the group's strategic process and orchestrating business transformation in response to disruptive shifts in the energy market. Pioneering the establishment of a novel business domain, "Decentralized Energy," and assessing and expanding business models through regional group entities. Crafting growth and optimization strategies for the group portfolio in Central and Eastern Europe. Overseeing tender procedures, managing mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and driving post-merger integration (PMI) projects for seamless implementation.

Management Consulting Group

Senior Project Leader

Bosch & Siemens
Home A
ppliances Group

Head of Global Digital Strategy & Transformation

Guiding the digital strategy and effectuating the transition from a hardware manufacturer to a purveyor of interconnected (IoT) products and digital services. Formulating the trajectory for scaling the digital business across the group. Shaping and executing the product vision and business model for Home Connect, the platform encompassing connected products from six global brands. Cultivating partnerships and an ecosystem of interconnected digital services. Pioneering digital business models and engaging in corporate venturing. Instituting group governance tailored to the dynamics of digital business.

Thüga AG

Senior Manager
Innovation & New Business

Identifying and cultivating innovative business models within the energy industry and smart home sector to unlock new sales potential and facilitate scaling across the portfolio companies. Spearheading change management initiatives to integrate digital product development methodologies and advanced business-building practices.

Overseeing strategy and restructuring projects within the domains of energy trading, sales, human resources, and shared services.


  • Systemic Leadership Coach certified by Dietz Coaching (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching DBVC, International Organization for Business Coaching IOBC)

  • Schranner Qualified Negotiator

  • Google Cloud Digital Leader

  • Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner

  • Scrum Product Owner

  • Scrum Master


Proficient in global collaboration

  • Europe, EMEA

  • USA

  • China

  • India

  • Turkey

  • Singapore

Kaffeepause mit Freunden

Let's connect for a personal conversation to discuss how my experience can support your challenges and explore my references in more detail.

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